Super Bowl

Is There Really No Such Thing As Bad Publicity? Just Ask GoDaddy

GoDaddy Puppy
It’s long been claimed that any advertising is good advertising. After all, controversy still brings brand awareness, right? But do you really want that awareness to bring hatred and loss of customers, too? Apparently GoDaddy thought so. By now most people have seen GoDaddy’s latest ad that was “supposed” to be for the SuperBowl, in which a puppy, Buddy, gets lost from his owner/breeder, then finds his way home only to discover he’s been sold online. GoDaddy claimed they were going for a funny spin-off of Budweiser’s beloved puppy ad, but decided to pull it amid all the backlash. So now are they any better off than they had been before? (more…)


America: Why Isn’t the Melting Pot Melting?

Melt (verb): to pass, change, or blend gradually.
Melting pot (noun): a country, locality, or situation in which a blending of races, peoples, or cultures is taking place.

Remember in the fifth grade when we learned about The United States of America’s early history? And we discovered that immigrants made this country what it is? And we were proud to call ourselves the Melting Pot because we were accepting of other races and cultures?

What happened to that mindset? (more…)

Super Bowl 2014 Commercials: Best of the Best

First of all, congrats to the Seahawks and better luck next year to the Broncos. Second, it’s time to discuss the touchdowns and fumbles of the advertising industry (which is much more exciting in my opinion)! There were some great standouts (my favorite coming before the game even started) and there were also some questionable ones. I’ve only rated what I thought were the best and most memorable ads, because in my opinion if it didn’t immediately stick in my mind after the game it was less than amazing. (more…)

Puppy Love, Arnold, and Sexy Candy Bars, Oh My! Companies Going All Out for 2014 Super Bowl Ads

Super Bowl 2The countdown to America’s holy day of sports and beer and obnoxious shouting at the TV has begun! There’s just a bit over two weeks until the Super Bowl, and I have a slight confession to make: I couldn’t care less about football. I don’t even know which teams are playing. Even if someone did tell me who’s playing there’s a chance I won’t even be able to tell you which city they’re from. But I am going to watch the big game so that I can see the ads. Because I can get as excited over the ads as football fans get over the game. One minute I’ll be shaking my head at the TV in disappointment and shame for my industry of interest, the next I’ll be in awe of the brilliance of the almighty advertisers. So far this year’s lineup looks fairly promising, but I’m looking forward to some more than others. (more…)