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4 Tips for Creating an Advertising Portfolio

PortfolioWhether you’re going the online route or sticking with the tried and trusted physical portfolio, deciding which of your work to include (or creating work for the first time) is the toughest part. As a college student looking to work in the advertising field within the next few months, I’m realizing how critical portfolios are to just get an interview, let alone be hired. So I’ve compiled a few tips that seem to be pretty much agreed upon by experts in the industry to help you (and me!) create better ads for better portfolios. (more…)

Which Sell Better: Emotions or Facts?

Emotions or Facts 2In my opinion, there are two main types of advertising: emotion-based and fact-based. There are the ads that tug at your heartstrings until you compulsively spend money on whatever they want you to buy (think the Sarah McLachlan ASPCA commercials), and there are the ads that spell out exactly why their company is better than the competitors (I think of the car commercials that throw every MPG, safety, warranty, and interest rate number possible at you). (more…)

How Spec Ads Can Help Get Your Foot in the Door

Help WantedGetting a job can seem like a vicious circle at times (especially for us college students about to enter the “real world”) because you need to have experience to get experience. In the world of advertising and copywriting (and most other creative fields) companies don’t want to hire people without first seeing their work. It’s a world where promises aren’t always enough, and telling a hiring manager I’m creative doesn’t work as well as showing them to prove it. (more…)