Social Media

#Can #We #Just #Cool #It #With #The #Hashtags #Please #?

First a disclaimer: I love social media, both from a personal and a business standpoint. It’s transformed the way we connect with friends and family just as much as it’s transformed the marketing and advertising worlds. But just like any great new invention, when everyone uses it (and overuses it) it has potential to defeat the purpose. Raise your hand if you have a friend on any social media outlet (because the hashtag is no longer restrained to Twitter alone) who has to tag #every #word #as #if #they’re #all #of #equal #importance? Annoying, right? While companies may not be quite as blatant about their overuse, it’s still happening in the form of asking consumers to connect with them in any way possible. (more…)

And The GRAMMY for Tweet of the Year Goes To…Arby’s!

Arby's Hat

Photo sources: Hollywood Reporter, Businessweek

While everyone was busy chatting about who won the most “sippy cups” or the big wedding ceremony or Macklemore’s surprising sweep of the rap categories, marketing fanatics were gushing about Arbys’ genius social media move: targeting Pharrell Williams’ outrageously tacky hat. Although the hat already had its own Twitter account before the Arby’s mention (a sure sign you’ve made it big when your fashion accessory has a social media presence), the tweet from the fast food chain was what really caused the most commotion among viewers. (more…)