Why Taylor Swift’s Spat With Spotify Is a Massive Marketing Mistake

Taylor Swift
Everybody is talking about 1989. The stars seemed to be aligned for Taylor Swift, but maybe all this success has been going to her head. It was huge news when she decided to pull all her music from Spotify, and the reactions were pretty divided. Some people praised her for really taking charge of her career to earn as much as she can from album sales, while others argued that it wasn’t the wisest decision. And from a marketing perspective, I have to agree with the latter. (more…)


Weird Al Gets Me. ‘Word Crimes’ is the Best ‘Blurred Lines’ Parody Yet

I’ve always liked Weird Al Yankovic. His parodies make me laugh and he’s covered some of my favorite songs (I knew all the words to “Eat It” long before I even heard “Beat It”), but this one definitely takes the cake in my opinion. As a self-professed word nerd, his latest song “Word Crimes” hits close to home. In the day and age of texting and social media, good grammar seems to have gone out the window. Many of my friends and family sometimes think I may take my grammar a bit too seriously (I do type out all of my texts completely, never leaving even an apostrophe out) but after seeing “Word Crimes” it relieves me to know that at least Weird Al is on my side. (more…)

Coldplay Takes Music Marketing to a Whole New Level

Coldplay fans have been buzzing about the band’s upcoming album release, Ghost Stories, and marketers have been buzzing about the way the group chose to promote their music–through a worldwide scavenger hunt. Although they just missed Easter, Coldplay decided to embark on an egg (err…lyric) hunt of their own as they tweet clues to help fans find nine handwritten notes in nine different countries around the world. Each note is a song lyric from the new album, and there’s one clue per song. And, fittingly, each clue is hidden in a ghost story in a library. Plus, one clue also houses a “Golden Ticket,” and the finder will receive two tickets to Coldplay’s London show in July. So far eight of the nine tickets have been found, and the final clue from the band’s Twitter page hinted at South Africa. Keep reading below to see the tweets and scavengers who found the “eggs.” (more…)

10 Song Lyrics That Only Bother Grammar Nerds

Notes 2 Border
Based on the overwhelming response to my last post about grammar, I think it’s time to try it again–but this time with music. Both writing and music are popular forms of artistry and expression, so the two have many similarities. We consider ourselves creative and articulate, and we love telling stories through our art form. We understand how passion can drive a hobby into a career–even if we struggle at times during the transition. One difference between the two, though, is that usually the writer tends to be a bit pickier about the grammatical accuracy of words than the musician. To prove it (and perhaps ignite some OCD feelings for those of you who are the most particular about grammar), here are 10 song lyrics that bug us English nerds.