Chicago Advertising Federation Career Day: Learning from Chi-Town’s Best

Chicago Advertising Day
On Friday I had the opportunity to travel to Chicago to attend the Chicago Advertising Federation Career Day to participate in panel discussions with advertising professionals, meet with other college students trying to break into the industry, and network with some of the biggest names in advertising (just a sample of some of the attending sponsors: Leo Burnett, Ogilvy, Microsoft, Digitas, OMD, The Onion, and many more). Despite being a long and tiring day (my introverted self is still trying to recover from all the human interaction), I learned firsthand so much about the advertising industry, and it cemented my desire to work in this field after I graduate. (more…)

I Like Advertising…But I Don’t Like Advertising

Confused yet? Good, because I am too. I think it’s pretty clear by this point that I adore advertising. I love researching all the newest commercials and sharing my opinions about their awesomeness (or not-so-awesomeness) and I enjoy thinking about possible slogans or campaigns for companies. But when it comes to promoting myself, I tend to fall short. It’s easier for some than others to talk about themselves, and seeing as I’m in the promotion business, logically this should be a breeze. But for some reason, promoting myself is so much harder than promoting someone else. (more…)