‘Toy Story 4’: Why Pixar’s Perfection Can Actually Hurt Them

Toy Story 4
The gang’s coming back! After plenty of rumors (with those rumors being consistently dismissed by Pixar execs) we now for sure are getting a fourth installment of Toy Story in 2017–that’s 22 years after the first movie was released. If the timeline stays consistent, Andy will be three years out of college and roughly 25 years old (just like a lot of us who will undoubtedly be skipping to the theater like 10-year-olds come 2017). But with the big announcement came plenty of controversy, with people on both sides of the fence—is yet another sequel really a good idea? Or is Pixar losing the magic? (more…)


Disney’s Unique Marketing Approach for ‘Frozen’–And Why It Worked

Photo credit: Entertainment Weekly

Photo credit: Entertainment Weekly

It’s official: Frozen won’t be thawing out anytime soon. It’s no secret that it has been smashing records and winning awards and creating a massive fan following since it was released in theaters in November, and it seems as if it hasn’t been slowing down at all since then. While a lot of its success rests on the movie itself, I also think the way Disney marketed the movie was part of its overall achievement.


Which Sell Better: Emotions or Facts?

Emotions or Facts 2In my opinion, there are two main types of advertising: emotion-based and fact-based. There are the ads that tug at your heartstrings until you compulsively spend money on whatever they want you to buy (think the Sarah McLachlan ASPCA commercials), and there are the ads that spell out exactly why their company is better than the competitors (I think of the car commercials that throw every MPG, safety, warranty, and interest rate number possible at you). (more…)