Celebrity Endorsements in Advertising: Smart or Lazy?

Celebrity Endorsement
Celebrity endorsements in the world of advertising are nothing new by any means. As long as celebrities and advertising have existed they’ve been intertwined, but it seems like these endorsements are prevalent now more than ever in the advertising world. And because you see a celeb in an ad every time you turn around, they must work. Advertisers wouldn’t spend so much money for so many years on a tactic that hasn’t been proven to bring in more sales. But at the same time, I sometimes have to wonder if advertisers like it because it’s just easier than conceptualizing and developing a brand new creative idea. (more…)


#Can #We #Just #Cool #It #With #The #Hashtags #Please #?

First a disclaimer: I love social media, both from a personal and a business standpoint. It’s transformed the way we connect with friends and family just as much as it’s transformed the marketing and advertising worlds. But just like any great new invention, when everyone uses it (and overuses it) it has potential to defeat the purpose. Raise your hand if you have a friend on any social media outlet (because the hashtag is no longer restrained to Twitter alone) who has to tag #every #word #as #if #they’re #all #of #equal #importance? Annoying, right? While companies may not be quite as blatant about their overuse, it’s still happening in the form of asking consumers to connect with them in any way possible. (more…)

Super Bowl 2014 Commercials: Best of the Best

First of all, congrats to the Seahawks and better luck next year to the Broncos. Second, it’s time to discuss the touchdowns and fumbles of the advertising industry (which is much more exciting in my opinion)! There were some great standouts (my favorite coming before the game even started) and there were also some questionable ones. I’ve only rated what I thought were the best and most memorable ads, because in my opinion if it didn’t immediately stick in my mind after the game it was less than amazing. (more…)

12 Days of Christmas: Advertising Edition

Merry_Christmas_1It’s Christmastime!  And just in case anyone isn’t quite in the holiday spirit yet, surely these advertisements-turned-Christmas lyrics will cheer you up. (While I wanted to make the list completely of Christmas ads, I couldn’t find enough to fit the lyrics well. So instead you now have an entire year’s worth of ads). Without further adieu, I give you the 12 Days of Christmas: Advertising Edition to sum up the year in commercials. (more…)

Countdown of the 20 Most Shared Ads of 2013

Countdown 20As 2013 winds down we can take a moment to reflect and remember the ups and downs of this past year, including our favorite ads. The ads are rated based on number of shares, with 20th place earning over 700,000 and 1st place with over 4 million. Some of these are pretty predictable, while others may be a bit of a surprise for some of you (I was surprised by the #1 spot). So without further adieu, the countdown begins! (more…)