Is There Really No Such Thing As Bad Publicity? Just Ask GoDaddy

GoDaddy Puppy
It’s long been claimed that any advertising is good advertising. After all, controversy still brings brand awareness, right? But do you really want that awareness to bring hatred and loss of customers, too? Apparently GoDaddy thought so. By now most people have seen GoDaddy’s latest ad that was “supposed” to be for the SuperBowl, in which a puppy, Buddy, gets lost from his owner/breeder, then finds his way home only to discover he’s been sold online. GoDaddy claimed they were going for a funny spin-off of Budweiser’s beloved puppy ad, but decided to pull it amid all the backlash. So now are they any better off than they had been before? (more…)


Pop Secret Has Just Proven that Advertisers Don’t Understand Millennials

Pop Secret Ad
I’m not really sure where Pop Secret was going with this ad, to be honest. Their target market was apparently millennials (so being within that generation I should have understood this, right?) but that’s about all I understood. The gist of the 60-second commercial is that popcorn kernels like to party. They wait in line to get into the microwave/nightclub and then get all sweaty/buttery popping it up to weird electronic dance music. The ad itself is a bit strange, but the fact that they’re obviously trying to get the attention of young people is even stranger, because I think it definitely fell flat. (more…)

And This, Friends, is Why Proofreaders Exist. John Frieda Flubs Grammar

John Frieda
Although it can be disappointing at times, I’ve come to accept that people often make grammar mistakes that are usually easily avoidable. Whether it’s a misused “your/you’re” issue or a simple typo, mistakes happen. I understand. However, I hold large companies with professional marketing and advertising teams to a much higher level. These people are paid (I’m guessing) hefty salaries to write the ads and double, triple, and quadruple check them to make sure they’re accurate before sending them off to the TV world to show everybody. Apparently the team at John Frieda was so concerned about how sleek and shiny their hair was that they didn’t notice that they used the wrong form of “its.” (more…)

Honey Maid Gives Us All a Lesson on How to Properly Handle Controversy

We’ve all seen controversial ads, some more blatant than others. Most of them don’t make it on air and find their way to the banned ad section of YouTube. One of the more recent controversies is advertisers’ use of gay and/or interracial couples in their commercials, where they are met with unscrupulous criticism. What I love about these controversial ads, though, is the way the companies bounce back from the wrath of the “haters.” First there was JC Penney with their use of a lesbian couple in their Mother’s Day catalogue. The anti-gay groups protested, so what was JCP’s response? A gay couple for Father’s Day. Then there was Cheerios with their adorable biracial little girl. After the criticism erupted, they not only made another similar ad, they turned it into a SUPERBOWL ad. And now there’s Honey Maid, taking a similar approach with their all-inclusive commercial. (more…)

Walmart’s Latest Ad is Truly Uplifting (Say What?)

How often can you say “Walmart” and “uplifting” in the same sentence without an “is anything but” in the middle? Judging by the abundance of Walmart-hate across the internet: very rarely. Over the last several years the store has consistently won the oh-so-prestigious award of “Best Place to See Questionably-Dressed People, Spoiled Food on the Floor, and Long Lines Rivaled Only By Disney World.” And of course there are always the ongoing debates over how they treat their employees and the topic of outsourcing to think about. Regardless of what you think about the store, though, it’s tough to ignore their latest commercial about overcoming obstacles (See it below)


Soda-Slurpers: More Annoying in the Bedroom than at the Movie Theater

Coke Movie
Whenever I go to the movies, I absolutely can’t stand noisy moviegoers. With their excessive popcorn-munching, obnoxious Twizzler-opening, outlandish soda slurping, or heaven forbid talking or texting, it makes Netflix and Redbox look more appealing with each visit. And to try to curb this annoying behavior, theaters have been doing their part with announcements and trailers to encourage silence (my favorites being the Alamo Drafthouse angry texter and the GEICO camel’s mini ad/PSA). But Coke figured out that the best way to embarrass annoying theatergoers is to stick them in the middle of a sex scene. Who wants to be the one to ruin the mood now? (See the videos below) (more…)

I Dare You to Watch This North Face Commercial Without Feeling Queasy

Last month, Alex Honnold did what is unthinkable to even experienced rock climbers–he scaled a 2,500 foot limestone wall without any ropes in El Portrero Chico, Mexico. With cameras capturing his every moment, sometimes looking down to catch a glimpse of the thousands of feet beneath him, the six-minute video felt like at least six hours. And it made my stomach churn more than a few times. (more…)

America: Why Isn’t the Melting Pot Melting?

Melt (verb): to pass, change, or blend gradually.
Melting pot (noun): a country, locality, or situation in which a blending of races, peoples, or cultures is taking place.

Remember in the fifth grade when we learned about The United States of America’s early history? And we discovered that immigrants made this country what it is? And we were proud to call ourselves the Melting Pot because we were accepting of other races and cultures?

What happened to that mindset? (more…)

Old Spice and P&G: The Moms are More Similar Than You May Think

Old Spice vs. P&G
It’s been the battle of the moms in two of the latest TV spots gaining loads of attention recently. The first is for the king of men’s deodorant, Old Spice, and the other was for household product giant (and coincidentally the parent company of Old Spice) Proctor & Gamble. The two advertisements portray vastly different versions of mothers: one is warm and caring, and the other is, well, a little too caring. But despite their differences, I’m sure we can all see a little bit of each of these maternal figures in our own moms. (more…)

P&G’s Sochi Olympics Ad: Moms Again, Why Not Give Dads the Spotlight?

With the Sochi events currently underway, advertisers are now showing off their Olympics-themed ads and commercials. One of the most prominent advertisers during the Games is W+K for P&G (any more acronyms that I can throw into the mix here?). You may remember their “Best Job in the World” commercial from the 2012 Olympics in London with their tribute to athletes’ mothers, and their 2014 ad, called “Pick Them Back Up,” is very similar. But is making such a similar ad a good idea? Or should they have gone in a different direction and focused on fathers instead? (more…)