Why the Chicago Cubs are an Incredible Business Model

Ahhh, baseball season. There’s nothing that quite defines summer as well as sitting in the sun eating a hotdog at the ballpark, watching your favorite team win. Unless you’re watching the Cubs, in which case you may only get two out of those three. Despite their lack of World Series appearances, the Chicago Cubs are a national phenomenon. Everybody–baseball fans or otherwise–has probably heard stories about the Cubs’ fiercely loyal fans, and many wonder why these people keep supporting a team that loses more often than it wins. “Maybe next year” has become their mantra, and they have grown accustomed to being the butt of all kinds of jokes (as a St. Louis fan, I’ll try to keep those jokes to a minimum). Nonetheless, the fans stay strong and keep rooting for their Cubbies, which I think makes the team one of the best businesses out there.



What the Heck Is Bitcoin and Why Is It So Popular?

I know I’ve been a little late on the bandwagon here, but I’ve only just recently heard about Bitcoin and the surrounding buzz. Nobody I know has ever used it (and most haven’t heard about it, either) so I’ve been curious about what it is and how it works and why people are getting so worked up about it. (more…)

Is Black Friday on Thanksgiving Really That Bad?

Black FridayAs the hours are ticking down until the corporate climax of the year, we’re seeing more and more people camped outside retail stores, advertisements preaching the deals and savings offered by companies, and plenty of criticism. People complain that stores are starting Black Friday shopping way too early by opening Thursday night (or in Kmart’s case, early Thanksgiving morning). They say that businesses are ruining the Thanksgiving holiday by commercializing it instead of focusing on family. Or that they’re too consumed by money to think about their employees by making them work on the holiday. (more…)

Can Introverts Make Good Marketers?

IntrovertI believe the answer is a resounding “Yes!” This is a topic I’ve struggled with for the last 3+ years in school as I decided what I wanted to study, and as I get closer to graduating the issue grows more and more pressing.

First off, there is a common misconception that “introverted” and “shy” mean the same thing. I am both introverted and shy, but it’s entirely possible to be one and not the other. Being introverted simply means that a person obtains their personal energy by being alone, whereas shy is more about feeling nervous and jittery in the presence of others. Some people may be very outgoing when meeting new people, but after a while they just need some alone time, and there are others who may feel reserved at first, but eventually warm up to others and would be happy with constant company. (more…)

Waaay Early Christmas Ads: Do They Work?

Christmas 2
Well, Halloween is over, so apparently that means the holiday season has begun. The shops have their wreaths and lights on display, the toy stores are showcasing their best Christmas favorites for the kids, and the Hallmark channel has started its countdown to Christmas movie marathon. Of course, there are also the holiday commercials already playing on TV. (more…)

The Vast World of Copywriting (In One Blog Post)


Copywriting may seem like a narrow field in the world of marketing and advertising. In reality, it is actually much broader than people think, and copywriters have to be a jack-of-all-trades of sorts to be successful.

Many people outside the world of advertising are unfamiliar with the term “copywriting” and either think of the term “copyright” or that copywriters simply copy other people’s writing. I hadn’t even heard of the term until a year or so ago when I studied it (briefly) in a marketing class. But copywriting really encompasses several aspects of business and marketing. Copywriters have to be able to write in several different mediums: from print ads to emails to TV and radio spots to social media posts. In a nut shell, most every form of advertising involves a copywriter. (more…)

How Spec Ads Can Help Get Your Foot in the Door

Help WantedGetting a job can seem like a vicious circle at times (especially for us college students about to enter the “real world”) because you need to have experience to get experience. In the world of advertising and copywriting (and most other creative fields) companies don’t want to hire people without first seeing their work. It’s a world where promises aren’t always enough, and telling a hiring manager I’m creative doesn’t work as well as showing them to prove it. (more…)

Why I Love Advertising


I think that advertising is a field that often gets a bad rap. In my experiences, people like to complain about ad placement (how many of you really like watching the ads before a YouTube video?) and they often TiVo through the commercials when watching their favorite shows. They may also believe that advertisers and marketers are simply out to trick consumers into buying stuff they don’t need. While sometimes this may seem true (will that product from the infomercial really dramatically improve my life?) I think advertising is so much more than just trying to get people to buy things. (more…)