Who Is This Person?

I’m Katie, and I’m an ’80s music aficionado (despite being a ’90s baby), a guest writer at The Disney Blog, a Pinterest addict, a participator in marathons (of the TV and movie nature), a nearly-finished (!!!) college student, and a lover of everything advertising.

The Advertising Outlet is my contribution to the advertising industry (look out, world), but mostly it’s a learning experience. I’ll be covering all sorts of topics, ranging from newly released advertisements to portfolio tips to general industry trends, and sharing my thoughts and opinions with each post. Sometimes I may branch out and cover broader business topics so I can use my expensive college knowledge.

So why choose The Advertising Outlet over the larger, more reputable, and more experienced advertising blogs/magazines? Because where else will you find someone who can turn SEO into a dating experience? Or a (hopeful) future advertiser who sometimes picks on the most popular commercials? Or someone who can explain a boring legal issue with memes? Plus, with this being a small blog, you’ll get more personalized attention and interaction than you would when you’re one of the thousands commenting on a huge blog or magazine.

Feel free to poke around the site, read a post or two or twenty, and if you like what you find why not go ahead and follow the blog. Happy advertising!


Share Your Thoughts (I Won't Bite, I Promise)

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