Get Paid to Watch Netflix? I Need to Be Signed Up Yesterday

Talk about a job that dreams are made of. Netflix is hiring one “tagger” from the UK or Ireland to watch films and TV shows, analyze them, and then determine appropriate tags to help Netflix make better recommendations for viewers. In the past Netflix relied on the star rating system to find recommended titles, but many viewers either forgot to rate movies and shows or just didn’t bother with it. So that’s why to get a better feel for what users want to watch, Netflix has hired about 40 taggers around the world.

To find this “qualified candidate,” Netflix released a YouTube video with an overview of the job (see it below) and instructions on where to apply. They’ve requested that the person have a college degree in film or experience in screenwriting or as a critic, although the job isn’t necessarily subjective in nature. The goal is to tag each film or show with objective tags to help define its characteristics and relate them to similar movies and shows. While my gut reaction is that this is what I was born to do in life, I can’t help but think about the famous I Love Lucy episode where Lucy and Ethel worked in a chocolate factory. I love movies, but maybe after watching them all day everyday I would eventually get sick of them.

What I do love about this job is the fact that Netflix is winning at marketing. How many companies can post a job and get this much recognition for it? That alone puts Netflix’s name back into our minds (and makes me crave a movie night), but it’s also great that its name is in the news for a positive reason. The company is trying to improve its services for its customers, which is always a good thing. And while all this publicity is to get people to apply for the job, it’s also a big (hidden) advertisement.

What do you think? Would you want to be a tagger for Netflix? Or would this be a little too much of a good thing?


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