Why Coca-Cola Really Is the Happiest Brand on Earth

Coke Happiest Brand
Maybe it could share that prestigious title with Disney or Google or insert-wonderful-company-name-here, but Coke definitely holds the record for longest track record of uplifting advertising. From their famous “I’d Like To Teach The World To Sing” commercial back in 1971 to their most recent Super Bowl ad showing how beautiful differences can be, Coke has always been about happiness. At one point they even gave away stuffed polar bears in vending machines. If that doesn’t make you happy, you must be a Pepsi-drinker. Their latest ad is no different, and it’s yet another example of how Coke is always experimenting with new ways to share their brand while having some fun at the same time.

This time the stunt took place on a college campus filled with brand new freshman who needed some encouraging to break the ice. And instead of some boring questionnaire or silly game to get the ball rolling, they had to bond over a bottle of Coke. At first glance the bottle seemed just like any other, but when the students struggled to open them themselves they realized that they required the help of another to twist the cap off. So after awkwardly connecting and tugging at the caps (am I the only one who wants to see the total fails of people who couldn’t get the caps to twist, or when they shook it too much and soda sprayed everywhere?) both partners were left with a drinkable Coke and their first college bonding experience.

I always have to applaud Coke for trying new things, because the company excels at every area of advertising. They have great TV commercials, memorable guerrilla tactics that get turned into viral videos, and a brand that’s easily recognizable by nearly everyone in the world. Yet they’re always doing more while still sticking with a central theme of joy and happiness. I had a professor in college once tell me that if Coke hasn’t done something in advertising, it can’t be done. And while that’s certainly a bold claim, considering all the unique and genius tricks the company has performed over the years it’s no wonder it’s every advertiser’s dream to work on the Coca-Cola account.

So while I like the ad itself (even though if it were me in the video I would have just grabbed two bottles and opened them myself–problem solving, kids) I liked even more the fact that it’s another way Coke is keeping advertising fresh and new.



      1. Lool haha oh times have changed havent they. I knw too long!! Im so bad with this blogging. But will defo try to post more 🙂

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