Coldplay Takes Music Marketing to a Whole New Level

Coldplay fans have been buzzing about the band’s upcoming album release, Ghost Stories, and marketers have been buzzing about the way the group chose to promote their music–through a worldwide scavenger hunt. Although they just missed Easter, Coldplay decided to embark on an egg (err…lyric) hunt of their own as they tweet clues to help fans find nine handwritten notes in nine different countries around the world. Each note is a song lyric from the new album, and there’s one clue per song. And, fittingly, each clue is hidden in a ghost story in a library. Plus, one clue also houses a “Golden Ticket,” and the finder will receive two tickets to Coldplay’s London show in July. So far eight of the nine tickets have been found, and the final clue from the band’s Twitter page hinted at South Africa. Keep reading below to see the tweets and scavengers who found the “eggs.”

While Coldplay isn’t the first artist to come up with the scavenger hunt idea (anyone remember Droga5’s massive hunt to promote Jay Z’s book Decoded?), I think it’s still pretty brilliant. I love out-of-the-box types of marketing ideas, especially when they don’t really seem like marketing. The “lyrics hunt” seemed more like a fun game than an attempt to advertise a new album. And I’m sure it spurred even more word-of-mouth advertising when fans had to explain why they were frantically digging through piles of books at every nearby library.

The best of all was that it was a relatively inexpensive campaign, too. Unlike Droga5’s Jay Z campaign, which surely took some cash to print all the text on pool bottoms, jacket linings, billboards, pool table felt, etc, all Coldplay had to do was stick some handwritten notes in a few books and tweet out the clues (plus give away two tickets to one concert). Very cost-effective and it still spread awareness of the upcoming album.

The band started tweeting just a couple of days ago, and as of now all but one clue has been found. So if anyone here is in South Africa…better get your scavenger hats on and head to a library near you.


To be continued…

UPDATE: All the letters have been found!


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