Soda-Slurpers: More Annoying in the Bedroom than at the Movie Theater

Coke Movie
Whenever I go to the movies, I absolutely can’t stand noisy moviegoers. With their excessive popcorn-munching, obnoxious Twizzler-opening, outlandish soda slurping, or heaven forbid talking or texting, it makes Netflix and Redbox look more appealing with each visit. And to try to curb this annoying behavior, theaters have been doing their part with announcements and trailers to encourage silence (my favorites being the Alamo Drafthouse angry texter and the GEICO camel’s mini ad/PSA). But Coke figured out that the best way to embarrass annoying theatergoers is to stick them in the middle of a sex scene. Who wants to be the one to ruin the mood now? (See the videos below)

Coke tried out the unique strategy in Copenhagen on the unsuspecting viewers, filming them slurping and crunching away in the lobby before quickly editing them into a fake trailer. Then, once they had settled into the theater–completely unaware that they had been filmed–they started watching what they thought was a trailer for some sort of cheesy rom-com. But just as the couple started to heat things up a bit we see one of the audience members casually watching, sipping his Coke.

It only got weirder from there, with the dubbed-in “actors” making what looked like horrified facial expressions or Photobombing the scene. If I didn’t know this was a PSA for a movie theater I would have assumed I was watching some sort of bizarre porno. But it was a smart way for Coke to grab people’s attention in the theater, because who would really ignore a sexy movie trailer? Especially if you’re in it.

The full video with lead-in of how they made the trailer, plus the commercial at the end:

A shorter version of the “Stableboy” commercial:

Another similar Coke ad, although this time it doesn’t include the oblivious moviegoers, just an actress. Same concept, though:



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