And The GRAMMY for Tweet of the Year Goes To…Arby’s!

Arby's Hat

Photo sources: Hollywood Reporter, Businessweek

While everyone was busy chatting about who won the most “sippy cups” or the big wedding ceremony or Macklemore’s surprising sweep of the rap categories, marketing fanatics were gushing about Arbys’ genius social media move: targeting Pharrell Williams’ outrageously tacky hat. Although the hat already had its own Twitter account before the Arby’s mention (a sure sign you’ve made it big when your fashion accessory has a social media presence), the tweet from the fast food chain was what really caused the most commotion among viewers.

The viral tweet even prompted a response from Pharrell himself, a dream situation for any company.

However, Arby’s may not have been the first to notice the resemblance. Just a few minutes before they released the now-iconic tweet, the hat itself made the comparison.

So kudos to whoever decided Pharrell’s hat needed its own Twitter account and noticed the similarities, but I also have to give props to Arby’s for taking action. This is every social media marketer’s dream situation, and it’s not often a tweet can garner so much attention. It was a risky move, because many times these real-time marketing attempts go unnoticed–or worse, they get negative attention. But in this case it definitely paid off, and it will go down with Oreo’s Super Bowl tweet as being one of the best examples of social media marketing.

I’m always proud to tell people I’m in the advertising industry, but these are the moments when I really get excited about my field. Maybe I’m just a weird ad nerd, but it makes my heart skip a beat when I see such genius marketing moments. It makes me want to brag to everyone that maybe someday I’ll be in that position, and I could be the one to post the next viral tweet. But until then, I’ll just geek out over everyone else’s brilliant advertising.


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