Chuck Norris Shows Van Damme Who’s the King of Epic Splits

Doing the splits on two moving semi trucks? Pshh that’s nothing. Chuck Norris wants to prove to the world that he is king of insanely dangerous stunts, and that Jean-Claude Van Damme has got nothing on him. In the latest viral video, Norris takes the epicness to the next level by doing the splits on two airplanes along with a team of soldiers balancing in a Christmas tree formation. Eat your heart out, Van Damme.

To be fair to Jean-Claude, the Chuck in the video was animated by Hungarian animation studio Delov Digital, so the epicness is slightly lessened. But it’s still worth the watch, and so far it’s the most dangerous Christmas greeting I’ve received this year.

And just in case you haven’t seen it, here’s the original Van Damme Volvo advertisement.


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