What Does It Take to Impress Jesus, Gandhi, and Mother Teresa? Banner Ads

Apparently just one click on UNICEF’s banner ad online is all it takes to join the ranks of the most prolific and  beloved humanitarians in history. In the newest video ad campaign called “The Good Guys” from Forsman & Bodenfors for UNICEF Sweden, Jesus, Gandhi, and Mother Teresa compliment each other on their good deeds for humanity before turning to the new guy to ask what he did that was so great. His response: he clicked a banner ad for UNICEF.

The campaign is obviously geared towards encouraging people to click on the organization’s online ads. It’s an ambitious goal (because how many of you have intentionally clicked on a banner ad recently?) so apparently it will take the miracles of Jesus, Gandhi, and Mother Teresa to find some audience engagement. The ads are memorable, though, and pretty funny too, so UNICEF may see some extra donations this year thanks to history’s best humanitarians–and you!


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