Advertisers Help Philippines with Project #Unselfie

Support UnicefAs many of us begin to gear up for the holidays, we only have thoughts of food, shopping, and family on our minds. Sometimes it’s tough to think about the disastrous typhoon that killed thousands on the other side of the world at such a time when we mostly focus on being together with our loved ones and getting ready for the holiday season, but advertisers are taking a moment to encourage everyone to support the survivors in the Philippines.

BBDO’s Philippines office, BBDO Guerrero, launched Project #Unselfie to raise awareness and promote donations. The concept is simple: write “” on a piece of paper with the hashtag #unselfie, take a picture with it (without showing your face–it is an unselfie, after all) and post it to your social media accounts. The intent is to gain more attention for the Philippines disaster relief effort and encourage people to donate money to aid in the recovery process.

BBDO’s campaign is subtle, yet it gets the point across. It’s not obnoxious or an “in your face” type of ad technique, but it does take advantage of people’s giving spirit during the holiday season. Hearing about Typhoon Haiyan and all the deaths and injuries was certainly one of the most depressing stories of the year, especially during such a joyous and celebratory season, but it does remind me how lucky I am to be unaffected by such tragedy and that I will get to enjoy the holidays with my loved ones.

Will you be posting an Unselfie?



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