Why Chevrolet Continues to Warm My Heart

ChevyI was already a loyal Chevy-lover before I saw the commercials, but there are a couple that really stand out to me. A couple years ago when they celebrated their 100th anniversary, they released this TV spot that just made me smile. It was simple, yet so powerful. I’m a real sucker for those ads that just tug at your heartstrings, because I tend to remember them (I still think of this ad whenever I see a vintage Chevy, even though the commercial is over 2 years old).

So when I saw Chevrolet’s newest campaign for “The Richest Guys On Earth,” I felt that familiar tug once again. I really admire this new campaign, because I think it embodies the idea of family values. Life’s about the relationships we form with our families and friends, not about the traditional success ideals. We don’t need to be supermodels or have the corner office, because we have something even better. So while some people may measure success as the ability to buy a BMW or a Mercedes, Chevy’s (subtly) firing back by claiming that it doesn’t take a boatload of money to be considered rich. Actually, it may be just the opposite.


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