Waaay Early Christmas Ads: Do They Work?

Christmas 2
Well, Halloween is over, so apparently that means the holiday season has begun. The shops have their wreaths and lights on display, the toy stores are showcasing their best Christmas favorites for the kids, and the Hallmark channel has started its countdown to Christmas movie marathon. Of course, there are also the holiday commercials already playing on TV.

Is it just me, or has the Christmas season arrived especially early this year? It seems like Black Friday used to be the official start of shopping season, but this year it looks like we’ll be skipping Thanksgiving altogether and heading straight into the hustle and bustle and dashing through the department stores that is Christmas. Even before Halloween I began seeing holiday ads, trying to spread the cheer and invite that warm and cozy Christmas feeling.

My question, though, is do those early ads really work? Is it a case of the early bird getting the worm, or in this case, the consumers’ money? I know many people who are already getting their Christmas shopping done (or are already finished), but there are many, too, who refuse to even think about it until after Thanksgiving. So while the companies starting their advertising early may entice a few people who are ready to get a head start on their shopping, could they actually be driving others away?

I’ll admit, I’m one person who’s not all too thrilled about seeing all the Christmas decorations, movies, songs, and ads this early in the year. In a way it sort of ruins the feeling for me later in the season, because it seems like Christmas now is two months long, instead of a couple weeks. While I do like getting the warm and fuzzies when I see commercials with families baking cookies or gathered around the tree and fireplace, I have to remember that it’s barely November. I’ll have plenty of time for those feelings later.

Companies have long been criticized for commercializing Christmas, and (as much as I love to defend big business) I have to agree that starting the holidays so early in a way helps prove that point. Businesses feel they have to get a head start on the competition each and every year, and I wouldn’t be surprised if in a few years we’re seeing more “Christmas in July” sales.

What do you think? Do these early ads give you the warm and fuzzy feelings you’ve been waiting for all year, or is it just a bit too early for you to think about Christmas shopping?


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