How to Impress Google With Your Writing

Impress Google

My relationship with Google is a little rocky. I’ve known him for many years, and yet he hardly even knows I exist. I visit him several times each day to ask questions–some of them very personal–and he dutifully responds with some suggested websites for me to check out, but he hardly notices my efforts at trying to impress him.

Sometimes I wonder if Google is just not that into me. I mean, I ask him all kinds of questions, so clearly I respect his wide range of knowledge. But it seems like the feeling isn’t mutual. I get the sense that he doesn’t even acknowledge my existence in the blogosphere–like I’m just another writer trying to be heard, and he won’t even give me the time of day.

And yet I see other bloggers with their posts at the top of his search. Apparently he likes those bloggers more than me, I think. Maybe I should give up on trying to impress him with my blog posts, since he won’t even have the decency to promote them when people search for my topics.

But then it hit me: what if it’s me, not Google? What if I’m the one sabotaging our relationship of search engine and blogger? I’ll admit, I did have a couple short-term flings with Yahoo and Bing. Usually I went to them to ask what it took to impress Google with my blog posts. And while I was with them, they gave me some really great advice: it’s what’s on the inside that counts.

Yahoo told me that search engines don’t care what a blog looks like, they look for quality posts that people want to read. He said that Google has a reputation he wants to protect, and he can’t be putting blogs with poor content at the top of his list, no matter how pretty they look.

Bing advised me that search engines are not mind readers, and that I can’t expect them to know what my blog is about without giving any hints. So he said to really capture Google’s attention, use accurate tags, keywords, and categories to strengthen the SEO. Google loves SEO because it helps sort out the good from the bad, Bing told me, and the more I practice shaping up my tags and content, the more attention I’ll get from Google.

Like any relationship, I’m sure it will take a while to establish a good bond with Google. But I’m sure if I keep working on it and take Yahoo and Bing’s advice, one day Google and I will be best buds.


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