You are a Brilliant Reader…and Other Copywriting Tips

Copywriting Tips

If you’re reading this, then you’ve probably realized how important the headline is in catching people’s attention. For a copywriter, this one line is crucial. It’s incredibly difficult to get people to read more than just the headline, especially in this day and age where we’re bombarded with information and we’re getting better at tuning the unimportant stuff out, so this makes a copywriter’s job all the more difficult. There are a few methods, however, that tend to work better than others.

1. Keep it simple.

2. Make lists. “5 Tips for Improving Your Copywriting”

3. Use adjectives. “The Easiest Way to Genius Copywriting”

4. Make a promise. “Make More Money with These Copywriting Tips”

5. Flatter them and play to their curiosity. “You are a Copywriting Genius, and Here’s Why”

These are just a few of the tips I’ve picked up as I’ve researched the field of copywriting, although I’m sure there are dozens more. Do you have any other tips to add to this list? What kinds of headlines never fail to draw you in?



  1. Sorry for all the comments but I seriously love the stuff you’re posting.

    The ‘Question’ – Do You Make These Mistakes In English?
    The ‘How To’ – How To Earn More Money From Home
    The ‘Numbered’ – 5 Tips And Tricks On How To Burn Belly Fat Fast
    The ‘Who Else’ – Who Else Wants To Become A Millionaire In 30 Days?
    The ‘Weird Trick’ – This Weird Trick That Can Make You Rich

    1. Oh my gosh, you never have to apologize for too many comments! I love comments! They make me feel like I’m not just writing to an empty blogosphere.

      I agree with all of those headlines, especially the “How To” and “Question.” Even when I know the writers come up with these just to get my attention, I always find myself clicking on those links most often. Great advertising techniques.

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